Geographical Markets

We work in

Our main working field is Eurasian Economic Union officially known as EAEU with main concentration on Russia market


EAEU has a united market of 183 million people and GDP of over 4 trillion U.S. dollars. The future forecast – market will be growing. Free movement of goods, services and people also open huge opportunities for the business development. Moreover, EAEU has a common external tariff on all goods entering the market and unified methods of valuing imported goods.

Our team will start your product launch in Moscow and Sankt Petersburg. Moscow megacity is the capital of Russia (population of 144 million) and the 11th biggest city (12,4 million) in the world. Here we have pharma chains partners, branch offices, qualified medical representatives.

Baltic States and Scandinavia

Giantera Alliance has solid working history in EAEU, but our team can also introduce your products in the Baltic States with population of around 5 million. Our head office is situated in Lithuania, centre of Europe. We work in accordance with the EU laws. The  Baltic States (Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia ) are members of the European Union and the Eurozone.

We also have partners in some parts of Scandinavia (Finland and Sweden). It is another potential market that we believe is worth growing.