Corporate Governance

Corporate governance policies of Giantera Alliance

The business policies of «Giantera» are based on values and ethical principles that are conventional in business sphere. The «Giantera» Alliance’s work area is marketing full-service promotion of pharmaceutical products that are vital for human health, that’s why it is so important that our work were based on high ethical standards, and our actions – on responsibility and observation of law.

We are liable that all our actions meet the high standards of ethics and honesty and that all the companies-members of «Giantera» Alliance follow the corporate policy of Alliance. Our corporate governance policy exactly describes all the procedures that favour support and control of professional qualification for aiding to each of our companies in achievement of the highest ethical standards in our work.

«Giantera» Alliance is acting in many countries all over the world and in each of the countries a promoting of pharmaceutical production is regulated by domestic legislation, government and medical institutes. We consider probable difficulties and do our best to solve problems of our activity regarding high ethical standards. We have elaborated a marketing strategy and policy. We perform trainings for medical representatives to obtain the confidence in our personnel ethical behaviour.

The highest ethical principles and values have always been associated with «Giantera» Alliance activity. Integration of fidelity to principles, honesty and openness in our work are the main principles in all processes and interactions. We act conscientiously and honestly in all directions of our home and foreign policy. We provide right, full, precise, up-to-date information. Our public outgivings – advertisement, press-releases or any other announcements don’t include false information, concealment of information or exaggerations.

For maintaining of stability and longevity of «Giantera» Alliance activity and for creating additional values for our partners, primary importance in Alliance policies is dedicated to the strategy of avoiding of unnecessary and uncontrolled risks for our partners and aspiration for constant and stable growth of company’s profitability. We act with financial discipline and responsibility. We work to raise the level of our competitive ability in countries of potential growth which provide the efficient return from developed resources.

Our obligations:

In addition to above-mentioned responsibilities, we pay primary attention to following obligations: obligations to the companies-members of «Giantera» Alliance, to our clients, personnel, vendors, business partners, competitors and the whole humanity:

Privacy policy

All the employees of Alliance respect proprietary information dissemination of which can lead to reducing of competitive ability and prejudice «Giantera» Alliance, companies-members of the Alliance, partners or clients, as the information contains business secrets, financial data, private data about the Alliance employees and data under «Confidentiality Agreement» signed with third party. We must also defend the confidentiality and private information of «Giantera» Alliance and turn in information only in cases of necessity for our business.

We, the employees of companies in «Giantera» Alliance, attach the primary importance to the defence of our clients’, employees’ and other connected persons’ private life and confidentiality of their information. We defend the proprietary information about the Alliance companies’ activity; we use it only for the Alliance goals and share this information only with authorized parties. Neither «Giantera» Alliance as an organization, nor any of its companies, nor any of its employees will ever use that information for self-interest or in the prejudice of business.

Our responsibility to the society and humanity

The respect of democracy, human rights, ecology, education and charity is of primary importance for us. The «Giantera» Alliance is absolutely against any type of illegal actions that can lead to providing or getting the services of Alliance, any of its companies or third party. We act in conformity with the anti-bribery laws of every country that we work in. Any present that we give or receive is in the limits of common sense and doesn’t bind to anything neither the presenter nor the receiver.

We treat the environment carefully in conformity with the local and international laws.

Our obligations concerning the quality

The products and services promoted by us are oriented to satisfaction of our clients’, partners’ and companies’ demands. Besides, we are always ready to do our best to optimize our product and service portfolio.

Our responsibility to the International Business

The «Giantera» Alliance carries on its business in international markets. When an uncertainty concerning laws and ethical norms of business in different countries appears, we do our best to ensure that our activity follow the code of ethics and the rules of a country. If the respect to the rules of country/countries has negative consequences for the ethical values of «Giantera» Alliance, we must find the right decision in limits of the code of ethical norms and procedures of «Giantera» Alliance.

Our responsibility to our clients

We try hard to organize our work in a way that will let us satisfy all the demands of our client in time. We provide our services in proper time and in limits of specified conditions; we treat our clients respectfully, fairly, equally and attentively.

Our responsibility to our vendors/business partners

We act respectfully and fairly, as it is expected, and we promise to fulfil our duties in time. We scrupulously defend any confidential information concerning persons, organizations and our business partners.

Our responsibility to our employees

We are determined to develop professional relationship that would be based on frankness and respect. «Giantera» Alliance appeal its employees to honest actions regarding each other, to exchange of ideas, significant contribution into general and individual work to the sake of development of each company. «Giantera» Alliance supports the cultural, religious and ethnical equality of the personnel and provides equal possibilities for all the candidates. In personnel policy «Giantera» Alliance doesn’t discriminate against its employees regarding their race, nationality, confession, age, marital status – including cases of selection of candidates, employment, job advancement and professional training. The safe labour conditions are very important for the well-being of the «Giantera» Alliance’s personnel. Considering this fact, «Giantera» Alliance provides safe labour conditions for its employees in correspondence with the laws and respects and guarantees maintenance of the balance between private and professional life.

Rules of behaviour in the situation of interest conflict

«Giantera» Alliance’s employees are expected to act in the interests of Alliance in any situation during fulfilling of their professional duties and in time-off. They are expected not to use confidential information, name and logotype of Alliance or its companies for individual profit.

The employees of «Giantera» Alliance companies promise to avoid any conflict of interests during acting inside the organization and outside it.

Our responsibility to our competitors

«Giantera» Alliance is devoted to free and open competition. We succeed due to the high quality and competitive ability of our products and services, due to the talents and skills of our employees. We are on the effective competition only in limits of legal and ethical codes and prevent every attempt of unfair competition.

Our obligations concerning the name of «Giantera» Alliance
Our business partners trust us due to our professional competency and due diligence. We are aimed at maintaining of our reputation on the highest level.
We offer our services in the limits of company’s strategy, professional standards, our obligations, codes of ethics and guarantee fulfilling of our obligations.
We offer our services in the fields that we are professional and competent in; we tend to work with clients, business partners and personnel, showing our integrity and legitimacy.
We form the image of «Giantera» Alliance by the means of public utterances in mass-media.